Monday, January 31, 2011

McFatty Monday

So I wanna be like Ms. Heir to Blair in many many ways. Today I will be like her in at least one way (yay!). I will post a McFatty Monday blurb.

I started Weight Watchers when the little one was 6 weeks old. I was 135 lbs. *Insert twisted up lemon face here*. Weight Watchers has been pretty awesome and I've paid really good attention to what I eat and have lost....10 LBS!!!

And now my body says it's done. Great.

My fabulous employer has come to my rescue by offering WW at work! So I can go to meetings AT WORK!!! Having a baby at home means it would have been almost impossible to go to meetings outside of work, so this is pretty amazing, but not as amazing as the price tag....$0!!! Yes, they are paying for it IN FULL! I guess they don't want any McFatties walking around the office!

So, our meetings are on Wednesdays which kinda messes me up becuase I've always weighed in Monday mornings and it keeps me honest all weekend. I'll continue to do my Monday weigh-ins and my meeting weigh-ins because at the work weigh-ins, you have to wear your shoes and clothes, which we all know adds like a bazillion pounds, so it's not really fair. I wish run-on sentences counted as activity points...*sigh*

In all seriousness though, having it at works makes me really accountable. There's no bringing in Taco Bell or packing total junk or eating just one more Munchkin off someone's desk...because your fellow WW folk are always watching...and they're not afraid to call me all.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have some free time

I am sitting at my computer while my lovely son is sitting in his high chair...pooping. Just waiting for him to get done so we can start our day. The joys of motherhood...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Food in the eye is no biggie

My kid amazes me once again. As I'm feeding him this morning, he gets some bananas and oatmeal on the back of his hand from trying to eat his fist, which he does constantly. No biggie. Then he proceeds to slap him himself in the head with the back of his fist. And keeps on eating. Then I notice one of his eyes looks glued shut. The guy just smeared his breakfast into his eye. AND DIDN'T CARE! So I frantically start trying to wipe his eye thinking that at any second he's gonna start screaming his little head off. What does he do? Grab for more food. I can hear it now: "Don't worry about my eye mom, it's only scratching my cornea a little bit. Worry about keeping food on that spoon and headed in this direction".

Just had to share.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 Months Old And....

...rolling over!!!

My "baby" is 5 months old today and just started to roll over on Friday. He had his occasional chance rolling overs that surprised us as much as they surprised him, most notably when he was 10 days old. However, this is the first time that he has been able to do it on a consistent basis and on purpose. Great, right?

Yeah, but....he can only roll over one way. What's the big deal you may ask? A little view into our house. I put him down on his back on his play mat to grab at all the pretty dangly things that he loves so much. He sees the dog and presumably think to himself, "I would like to grab that dog's fur and pull on it as hard as I can". So he throws his weight to roll over so that he can get closer to his personal torture puppet. When his victim realizes what's coming, he gets up and moves (sometimes. Sometimes he just takes it like masochist). Then the Lil man is left on his tummy with nothing to look at or play with, so he tries to roll back over and can't. And then all hell breaks loose. This happens every.five.minutes. (replacing the dog for other distractions).

So yes, it's very exciting that he has learned to roll over but this mama will be a whole lot happier when he figures out how to roll BACK over too.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Eeekkk! It's a boob!

So I know that makes me terribly immature, but those were my first thoughts on seeing this picture:
So, breastfeeding is an amazing thing. It's what boobs are made for and it makes for a really healthy kid. I breastfed for a bit. However, when I breastfed, I felt it was an enormously intimate and sacred thing. It was a time for Gavin and I to bond. Sometimes the hubs was in on the bonding too, but other than that, it was pretty private because it was such a tender and beautiful thing. When I see that picture I feel like a voyeur seeing something that I most definitely should not be seeing. Miranda Kerr, I know you're a VS model and your job is to be half naked, but this is way more intimate than any bra and pantie set I've ever seen!
My opinion: Keep your intimate, special moments just that; intimate and special, not public!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I Did Something Good!!!

As I was perusing my Facebook news feed (which I only do about every 10 biggie) I came across this status:

 "Save the Children is asking people to knit a cap now through 2/28 to sponsor a charity drive to collect headwear for babies in impoverished countries. Patterns can be found at"

Now, anything that involves helping a baby is kryptonite to me at this point, seeing as how Gavin is 4 months old. Also, I know how to knit! So I can do something to help someone else! I even have the knitting needles and yarn in the back corner of my closet. Problem though. I am terribly notorious for starting things that I can't finish. NOTORIOUS. Like maybe even this blog. So when I told my hubs about this, he told me that's great, but can I really knit a cap before the end of February? Well, another thing about me is that I love helping those in need and moreover, I love love LOVE to prove people wrong, especially when they tell me I can't do something.

Immediately, I sat in my chair andd started knitting like there was a cash prize...or chocolate. Whatever. I finished the cap in less than 24 hours!! Now it looks like something that a middle schooler made in home economics, a male student at that, but it will keep a baby's head warm and that warms my heart to no end.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Daycare is Closed

Note: I love spending time with Gavin. I love being a mom. I miss him terribly while at work.

Great, now that that's out of the way, I can say this. I have the day off work and daycare is closed. Anyone else see the cruelty in this? Every paid holiday at work is also a paid holiday for daycare. Yes, they deserve paid holidays just as much as everyone else, but is it so much to ask for a day at home...alone?

I've also noticed that while at work, I dream about being a stay-at-home mom and how nice it would be to spend all my time watching Gavin grow. Then I get a stay-at-home mom day and I wonder about work and what's going on and oh, that would be a great project to work on and how in the world do I entertain a 4 month old. I don't know how to entertain a 4 month old?!? What kind of mother am I?!? I've been looking forward to this and I have it and now I don't like it.... and at this point my eyes start to cross and my hair starts looking like sex hair, but not sexy, at all.

Grass is always greener folks, always....