Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day of Fail

It started okay. Plans for a family brunch at my favorite restaurant. Then my step-dad couldn't make it. Then my husband didn't want to come because it would be all girls. Then an argument with the hubs. Rough start, but not a fail yet.

Brunch with mom and Gavin was awesome. Check one in the win column.

My mom and I took Gavin to get a haircut because we had a family photo session this afternoon. The last haircut at home didn't go well at all. Gavin had developed a fear of the clippers. So I warned the stylist and he predictably had a meltdown. So we ditched the clippers and went for the scissors. Still had a meltdown. It took my mom and I to hold him still and he still only got half a haircut because I couldn't take it anymore. This led to a huge tip because I felt so bad for the stylist. She obviously takes pride in her job and wanted to finish, which I understand, but it just wasn't happening. Yep, that would be a fail.

We get home after a little light shopping and I put Gavin down for a nap before the photo shoot. He's overtired so he fights it tooth and nail, but he finally goes down. Ten we have to wake him up to get ready for the photo shoot (he got over an hour of sleep. I didn't expect him to sleep so long). So then he's cranky. Great. At this point, I don't have much faith in the photo shoot going well, but hey, it's happening.

We show up to the studio and Gavin refuses to smile. Huge surprise there. So we decide to go outside. We've taken about 5 minutes worth of pictures when Gavin trips and slams his head into a rock. When he gets up (wailing, of course) there's a small bump on his head. We decide to go inside to get some ice on his head. By the time we get inside, the small bump has transformed into a HUGE knot. I've never seen anything like it. When we try to ice it, he flips. So we call it a wash and go home. I will be shocked if we get 2 good pictures out of the deal between him not smiling and it only lasting 5 minutes.

So, to recap, I come home with my poor baby boy with a huge knot on his head and a crooked, half done haircut and nothing to show for it.

I'd call that a fail day.

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