Tuesday, November 15, 2011

When Procrastination Makes You It's Bitch

Thst stack of bills that hasn't been looked at it because we have auto bill pay and it'll be fine....I think.

Those growing dust balls in the corner.

The waning pantry that is looking more pathetic by the moment.

The toilet that is...*yak*

The pile of dirty laundry that is 3 times as big as the amount of clean clothes.

The dentist and optamology appointments that I was supposed to reschedule months ago.

Did I mention the credit card and other bills? That alone.....

When you ignore all these things for too long they turn into monsters that keep you awake at night and, in my case, massive panic attacks.

1 comment:

Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Hey I hope you are hanging in there ok! Remember it'll all be ok! And laundry piles are fun to run and jump in!