Friday, November 25, 2011

Y3W: Poor Sick Baby

I was hoping yesterday was a fluke and that Gavin would feel better today, but it was worse. The silver lining is that Robert and I are off work anyway so we don't have to burn up any sick time, plus we get to battle it together, which always makes things easier.

Robert and I have been unbelievably lucky. I mean, stupid lucky. Gavin has never had colic or crying fits. Ever. So this is our first time dealing with hours upon hours of hysterics. Honestly, I'm so worn out from today that it's hard to even write this blog post. Gavin cried himself into 15 hours of sleep last night and he walked to his crib tonight.

We are going to the pediatrician tomorrow, the doctor on call said it sounds like it can wait until then. Just for the record, this is the 6th time I have been to the doctor or hospital in 8 days. That's just insane.

So here's to Gavin and I feeling better soon.

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