Monday, November 7, 2011

Mommy Instincts

Gavin has had a persistent cough that has been hanging around for a lot longer than I would like. So I called the nurse line yesterday and based on the cough and his rapid breathing, they advised that we take him to the ER immediately as a precaution. The doctor took a look at him and said it was just a cold and gave him prednisone because it had been lingering. As she was getting ready to get our discharge papers together, the mom in me came out.

"he's had a cough for a really long time. Isn't pneumonia a concern at this point?"

This is big for me because I usually am quiet as a mouse at doctor appointments with doctors I don't know. Something in me told me I needed to ask though.

She replied, "he doesn't have a fever, so we can rule that out, but we can do a x-ray for your piece of mind"

I thanked her for the offer and told her I'd be taking her up on it. After 2 hours and about 3 meltdowns (we had to strap him to a table to get the x-ray), the doctor called me into a room to look at the images.

Long story short, the doctor was holding fast to her original diagnosis, but the radiologist saw early signs of pneumonia. The doctor offered to prescribe antibiotics if it would, once again, give me "peace of mind".

You bet your ass we'll take them!

She then had to nerve to say that she hopes that he doesn't have any adverse reactions. Look lady, you tried to brush us off as hypochondriacs and you were wrong. Don't try to save face by trying to scare me out of antibiotics that x-rays have proved my son may very well need to recover.

Mommy instincts rock.

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Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

Good for you girl! I hate when doctors try to discount my mommy instincts!