Saturday, November 12, 2011

When You Call Your Kid A Monkey.....

We have always called Gavin one of 4 M's: Munchkin, Meatball, Monster or Monkey, depending on his demeanor or mood. Usually he's a monkey because he's being mischievous and climbing on things.

This morning, Robert was nice enough to let me sleep in. Then I heard Gavin giggling his head off and Robert screaming "No...I said No...OH NOOOOO!!".

Apparently Gavin has taken his nickname to heart. While getting his diaper changed, Gavin reached down and got a couple handfuls of poo. Then he started smearing it on Roberts arm as he was trying to get some kind of control if the situation. Let's be honest. There's no controlling that kind of situation. Eventually it got cleaned up after poo was slung and Robert was scarred for life. I only regret that I didn't get to see it firsthand.

So, lesson learned and passed on to you readers: if you call a baby a monkey, he'll probably fling his poo at you.

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